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These kakenagashi type free flowing hot springs are a 4-minute walk from Lake Suwa, one of the most popular lakes in the Shinshu Area. The hot springs have a gentle and pleasant sensation while making your skin look beautiful.
The cozy open-air baths in both the men’s and women’s bathing areas allow you to experience the essence of the season while the indoor stone mill bathtubs allow you to enjoy a hot spring in a stone mill used to grind soba buckwheat, characteristic of the Shinshu Area.
There are a total of 9 guest rooms on the land built as a villa for the Katakura Zaibatsu Financial Group including the Utajima Room which is a special room which keeps the original image intact and the Botan Room which has a semi-open-air bath.

Welcome to Futaba, a retro inn in Suwa.

二葉のおもてなし 〜サービス〜

Futaba offers the following services
so you can enjoy any type of ryokan inn experience.


  • Futons are laid out after check-in so you can relax in your room.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Self-service cold water and tea are available in the rest area.
  • Some guest rooms include sunken kotatsu tables.




《Enjoy a comfortable stay even without a meal package》

  • We are located 5 minutes from the station, convenience stores and Lake Suwa on foot.
  • There are multiple dining establishments within a 10-minute radius.
  • There are also places such as laundromats and drug stores located nearby making long term stays convenient.


We offer a selection of guest rooms depending on the number in your party and type of stay from rooms with private open-air baths to compact Japanese style 6-tatami mat rooms. There is a slight elegance in enjoying the essence of the season in downtown Kamisuwa while taking in the scenery of the courtyard with a pond.
The floor is made of tatami floor mats from the entrance to the corridor for a pure Japanese Style feel which you can comfortably enjoy, even barefoot. Meals are served in your room.


This Japanese Style room has a kakenagashi free flowing style semi-open-air hot spring.
Take in a view of the courtyard from the window or enjoy a movie on the large 55 inch TV.
The sunken kotatsu table keeps you warm in winter.


The semi-open-air hot spring lets you bring in the outside air
by opening up the windows for an atmosphere overflowing
with rustic beauty. This bath has a roof so you can enjoy outdoor bathing in winter even when it is snowing while taking
in the winter wonderland.

《Room information》

Botan Room Japanese style room with 12 tatami mats space, semi-open-air hot spring, toilet, sunken kotatsu (approx. 20㎡).


The Utajima Room is preserved in the original villa style during the times of the Katakura Zaibatsu Financial Group. The ceiling and alcove are made with the same materials from the original villa in this 2nd floor room with a view of the courtyard from the spacious veranda.

《Room information》

Utajima Room 8 tatami mats space, shower, toilet, spacious veranda (approx. 17㎡).

Katakura Zaibatsu

Kanetaro Katakura who was called the Silk Emperor established this financial group based on the silk-spinning industry. Katakurakan which is adored by many people for its Senninburo hot springs was built a short walk away from Futaba in commemoration of its 50th anniversary.



The American Sealy bedding is used in the top hotels around the world. They provide a constant level of comfort for a great night’s sleep using scientific methods. These rooms provide guests with both Japanese style relaxation and top quality sleep.
About Sealy Company »

《Room information》

Momiji and Satsuki Rooms 10 tatami mat space, bad area, toilet, sunken kotatsu table (approx. 23㎡)


These are standard Japanese Style rooms with a toilet. The rooms are located on the second floor with a view of the courtyard. The sizes vary from 10-12 tatami mats enabling a spacious stay for 2 people.


《Room information》

Yuzuki 12 tatami mat space, toilet, spacious veranda (approx. 24㎡)
Futaba 12 tatami mat space, toilet, spacious veranda (approx. 26㎡)
Suehiro 10 tatami mat space, toilet, spacious veranda (approx. 20㎡)


These compact Japanese Style rooms on the second floor have 6-8 tatami mats and do not include toilets. Guests are welcome to use the public toilets available on the second floor. These rooms are perfect for small parties looking for a reasonable stay.

《Room information》

Asagiri 8 tatami mat space, spacious veranda (approx. 18㎡)
Shinonome 6 tatami mat space, spacious veranda (approx. 15㎡)
Total rooms 9 rooms (7 Japanese Style rooms, 2 Japanese Style rooms with beds)
Facilities Front desk, bathing area with open-air bath, rest area, banquet hall, courtyard, parking lot, wireless LAN, shower, toilet, hair dryer (in changing area), refrigerator and TV (in guest room) (satellite broadcasting available)
Amenities Hand towel, bath towel, tooth brush set, yukata robe
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Our cuisine is made with seasonal ingredients with a focus on Shinshu ingredients. Warm cooked dishes are served freshly prepared. Specialties include Shinshu Alps Beef and Shinshu Pork cooked on porcelain tile, miso from Matsumoto in Shinshu and an exquisite Koshihikari blend of rice from Nagano and Niigata Prefectures. Enjoy the great local tastes.

  • アルプス牛の陶板焼と馬刺し付きスタンダードなご夕食
  • ボリューム少なめ 信州豚の陶板焼きリーズナブルなご夕食
  • 馬刺しと地酒
  • 季節のお野菜をせいろ蒸しで楽しむご朝食


  • 諏訪湖
  • 諏訪湖
  • Lake Suwa is located in the center of the Suwa Basin, 759m above sea level with a circumference of 15.9km and surface of 13.3km2 making it the largest lake in the Shinshu Area. Enjoy the view from the foot bath after taking a stroll or jog on the lakeside. You can also have a great time boating or fishing on the lake.

  • 諏訪湖祭湖上花火大会
  • 諏訪湖祭湖上花火大会
  • This firework show is one of the top shows in Japan in both number of fireworks and size. The show is packed with overwhelming excitement featuring fireworks such as lake top star mine fireworks and waterfall fireworks which extend for around 2km. Over 40,000 fireworks light up the summer sky from the launching pad on the lake. Lake Suwa is surrounded by mountains on all sides so the sound reflects off the mountains creating an exhilarating experience which shakes you to your core.

  • 全国新作花火競技大会
  • 全国新作花火競技大会
  • Lake Suwa is one of the most popular locations in Japan for launching and viewing fireworks. This event features a competition of new highly artistic fireworks created with innovative outside-the-box ideas and original techniques by enthusiastic firework technicians from all over the country.

  • 遊覧船・ボート・ワカサギ釣り
  • 遊覧船・ボート・ワカサギ釣り
  • Lake Suwa is crowded with a variety of different kinds of boats on days off. Boat tours around Lake Suwa while being surrounded by clear skies, glorious mountains and spacious breathtaking scenery are popular with children. You can also enjoy smelt fishing from autumn to winter.
    ※Tour boats may not be in operation when Lake Suwa is frozen in winter or due to poor weather conditions.

  • 水陸両用観光バス
  • 水陸両用観光バス
  • Enjoy sightseeing on the actual lake while riding a bus! The bus goes around all of Lake Suwa! This amazing bus tour brings you closer to the waters of Lake Suwa.

  • 片倉館の千人風呂
  • 片倉館の千人風呂
  • Decorations such as stained glass and sculptures leave a brilliant impression in this elegant building. The gorgeous bathing area made of marble is 1.1m deep and the gravel floor is comfortable providing stimulation to the bottom of your feet.
    Hours: 10:00-21:00 (reception until 20:30).
    Days off: 2nd and 4th Tuesday’s of the month

  • 御柱祭式年造営御柱大祭
  • 御柱祭式年造営御柱大祭
  • This is the largest festival of the Suwa Taisha Shrine carried out every 7 years on the Year of the Tiger and Year of the Monkey. This traditional festival started 1,200 years ago during the Heian Period. It is a magnificent event on a massive scale carried out over 2 months.

  • 酒造めぐり
  • 酒造めぐり
  • Famous breweries in the area include Maihime, Reijin, Honkin, Yokobue and Masumi. These 5 sake breweries are located within 500m from each other on Koshu Road in Suwa. Each distinctive sake filled with its own unique qualities is made with the same underground water from Mt. Kirigamine.